You Need An Attorney To Fight A Drunk Driving Charge

You Need An Attorney To Fight A Drunk Driving Charge

Are you aware of the serious criminal charges you face if you have crashed your vehicle into another individual while driving under the influence of alcohol and caused an injury or, God forbid, a death? Remember, all US states see drunk driving as a crime, so criminal courts handle such charges.

Although you have the right to represent yourself in the court, it is a better idea to hire a private attorney to represent you, as it is not possible for an individual with no legal experience to determine the weakness and strengths of a DUI case. Here are some details that will help you understand which type of legal representation is ideal for you.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

DUI laws, apart from being complicated are changing on a constant basis, are just plain complicated. If you’ve been charged with drunk driving, it is important to seek the opinion of a professional and experienced DUI lawyer. These lawyers often offer free consultations to prospective clients. However, you should not hesitate if the DWI defense demands a small fee, as the money spent is worth it. Ensure that you take all case related documents, including the police report, when visiting the lawyer for a consultation. Apart from saving time, this also helps you prepare a list of questions you want answered.

Standard Offers Are Often the Same

Theoretically, the standard offer from the prosecutor is always the same irrespective of whether a public defender, private attorney, or no attorney represents the defendant. Therefore, you might think that hiring a lawyer in such a case might not be worth it. Although this argument is true in certain cases, the reality is that the standard offer is often a starting point. Attorneys experienced in handling DUI cases can often cut down this offer by bringing moderating factors to the attention of the prosecutor or by pointing out weaknesses in the case against you.

That could save you thousands on fines and years in jail, according to Fort Worth .

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