Spinal Injury Symptoms After A Car Accident

One of the challenges of pain management after a car accident is that many of the symptoms tend to be delayed. These injuries can result in problems when it comes to an insurance claim since carriers assume that late appearing injuries are an exaggeration or a fabrication. Generally speaking,you have until you settle a claim to sign a release of liability to ensure you have not sustained injuries. If you have any of these spine injury symptoms after a car accident,then ensure that you document injuries with a medical professional and consult with a injured in a car crash .

Disc Herniation. The dislocation of the vertebrae is a common injury after an accident. This is called a disc herniation which occurs when the soft inner lining of the disc protrudes through the outer casing. The structure is not painful in itself,but the protruding material often comes in contact with surrounding nerves which can cause debilitating pain.

Lumbar sprain. The lumbar region is located in the lower half of the spine. This area can become strained due to excessive force,causing ligaments and tendons in the back to stretch beyond their limitations. When they are over-extended,a sprain can occur.
Spinal stenosis. Stenosis means the abnormal narrowing of the body’s channel. This applies pressure on the nerves that travel to the spine. While typically located in the lower back and neck,the pain can radiate to the upper back. Some common symptoms associated with spinal stenosis include tingling,muscle weakness,and pain worsens over time.

Diagnosing Spine Problems after Car Accident

The lumbar spine is categorized by five vertebrae that are designed with soft discs in between. There are many reasons why pain can be localized in this region — including age,occupation,and accidents. Because there are so many causes,it is critical that you get in contact with the skilled practitioner to accurately diagnose and pinpoint the cause. Contact a accident lawyer to file a personal injury claim.

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