Unique Car Accident Laws In Tennessee

If you have been involved in a car accident in the state of Tennessee,there are a few things you need to know about their car accident laws. Firstly,Tennessee makes use of the at-fault rule for insurance claims. They also adopted the 49% rule and this basically requires that the injured party be less at fault than the other driver to recover compensation. The amount of compensation received will also be reduced in proportion to the fault of the injured driver. This makes it critical to hire the best injury lawyer you can find.

In the state of Tennessee,you can recover compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages refer to out-of-pocket expenses such as money paid to repair a vehicle,money paid to rent a car and any wages lost due to time away from work. However noneconomic damages refer to the lesser-known damages such as pain and suffering,loss of enjoyment of life and emotional distress.

The state of Tennessee places a cap of $1 million for noneconomic damages. This is usually awarded if you or a loved one has had a hand or foot amputation,third-degree burns,spinal cord injury or lost a parent a child due to a car accident. Also,the statute of limitations dictates that you have only one year in which to file a lawsuit for personal injuries in the state.

So if you are involved in a car accident in the state,you have a few options. One of them is to conduct an informal settlement with the at-fault driver. The next option is to file a claim with the insurance company as they are capable of paying for the damage of an accident. Lastly,if all else fails then your last resort will be to adhere to car accident laws in Tennessee and prepare yourself to take your case to trial with a injured in a car crash .

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