GMC Sierra Is It the Truck for You?

Inside,the Sierra 1500 has a number of spacious storage pockets as well as bins,while logical control buttons make navigating the multimedia systems a piece of cake. The interior is quiet,and the crew cab’s massive rear quarters provide you with plenty of space for passengers to stretch out. Much like the Chevrolet Silverado,the Sierra is fairly light and responsive on the road for a big pickup truck. Although they’re restricted to the more expensive versions,the 6.2-liter V-8 and smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission produce a potent pair,able to launch these particular big trucks to 60 mph in under six seconds. 29,400 starting price deceive you-this is definitely an expensive tool.

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Browsing the truck’s cab the surfaces were plastic-type,as expected,but rather than a cheap feeling,the Sierra uses some quite nice materials. A great deal of car makers are utilizing less-expensive plastics inside their cars,but GM decided to go another way. The seats inside the Sierra are actually quite comfortable,with a lot of cushioning. At 5’8,I discovered it effortless to find an excellent seating posture in the six-way versatile leather seats. If the SLE’s seats don’t fit you,there are 10-way adjustable seats found in other alternative packages as well as trim levels. The only issue with the Sierra’s rear seats is the transmission tunnel,which horns in the center of the rear location. This avoids the truck from having a totally flat load floor,which GM probably did to keep the general height of the truck down.

This is one remarkable truck! I have had my Black Sierra Denali for about 2 months now. Amazing power. Amazing convenience. Amazing headturner. A gorgeous ride in every method. 42K for a truck you better not whine regarding the cost of fuel! If you possess the means you ought to buy this particular pickup truck. Just bought this incredible device. I bought it for the engine although gas prices are high. It gets decent mileage for its powerhouse 403hp 6.2 liter engine. The interior is refined and sophisticated. It appears like my BMW 5 series inside. You can buy a routine fully filled 4X4 crew and pay the same price. I feel this is the finest handle high-end trucks.approx. 40-45k depending on choices. The cadillac escalade has become synonomous with bling bling and hip hop.- it is a little to showy for me. This Denali is not so snazzy and has a gorgeous interior. Up until now no issues as I am babying it up until 1000 miles. Very nice truck,excellent develop quality.

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