The Ninth Major Zurich Axiom: On Optimism versus Self-confidence

By John Sage Melbourne

Optimism means anticipating the very best,however self-confidence means knowing how you will handle the worst. Never make a move if you are simply optimistic.

Taking decisions based upon optimism that remains in turn not based upon knowledge and insight to the facts is a dangerous frame of mind. Optimism can be dangerous due to the fact that it feels great. Every venture has an limitless number of possible outcomes,some great and some bad. Optimism frequently causes flawed judgement.

Knowing how you will handle the worst offers you self-confidence. When you are feeling optimistic,try to evaluate if this is based upon the facts. A minimum of 50% of the time it is not.

That being said,you definitely require optimism to fuel your forward momentum. Somebody who is mostly cynical will discover it difficult to state yes to opportunities or perhaps enjoy their property development journey. Stay optimistic about your ventures,however when it comes to decision time,make sure that it’s self-confidence based upon facts that’s the ultimate decider.

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Speculative method

Never enter a venture based entirely on optimism. Before going into a venture determine how to exit if things fail. Look for self-confidence over optimism.

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